Whatever you are making, it's vital to have high quality, dependable equipment that you can rely on. At Fizzy Fairy,  we sell only the very best quality products.


As the sole EU distributor of the famous USA made BathbombX-Press presses and moulds we have access to the full range of BBXP products, many in stock for immediate despatch.  We are also lucky enough to carry unique, professional quality HDPE moulds. These amazing moulds are made to withstand even the busiest workshops.

 With so many cheap (and not so cheap) knock-off's out there, you can put your faith in Fizzy Fairy for great products and great customer service. 

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Whether you are a professional maker needing high  quality, dependable equipment that you can rely on, or a discerning purchaser of beautiful, ethical cosmetic products, we have what you are looking for at Fizzy Fairy.

We are working (and succeeding) on removing single use plastics from our products. Where we do need to use these for hygiene or safety reasons your can be assured that they can be recyled or re-used.

We pride ourselves on our products and our customer service and thank you for shopping with us today and supporting our small independent business.




At Fizzy Fairy, we've been making beautiful, ethical cosmetic products that are kind and gentle for over 15 years.


With our focus on using only the highest quality, Vegan ingredients, you will never find SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) in our products and most importantly, because all of our recipes are Cosmetically tested and Certified, you can trust our products are safe for your and your loved ones.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, SLS free, Skin safe,  Packed with natural Ingredients, Cosmetic Safety Assessed, Moving towards 100% Recyclable  Packaging. WE LOVE YOUR SKIN  & OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET