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Make perfectly round soap and pillar candles with this innovative column mold and liner. Make sure to handwash this mold and it will last a lifetime.Each order includes a liner, mold, and end cap.Dimensions (in inches): 12" L x 2.75" diamCapacity: 49 oz.Usage Instructions: Make sure the edges of the liner don't overlap in the mold. If they do, try flipping the liner around. There should be at least 1/2 inch sticking out from the mold. To remove the soap, twist off the main part of the mold instead of twisting off the end cap. The soap should stay in the liner and end cap while the mold slips easily off. To avoid tearing, pull up one of the corners of the liner to see if the soap is ready to come out. If not, allow it to sit for another day or two.

SOAP Mould - Heavy Duty Column

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