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Brand new in stock is this beautiful Rose mould. ”2.25 diameter for a perfect bath bomb. Our professional resin moulds are light and easy to lift and use, and unlike cheap 3D printed moulds,strong enough to withstand constant use - even from a pneumatic press. The smooth interior gives a perfect bomb time after time. You will not find these moulds from another UK supplier.


1- If your bomb doesn’t want to release, gently tap the base to release any air. NEVER HIT THE SIDES OF THE MOULD 

2- Put the rose side into the mould first and press the mix in firmly to ensure the pattern in filled

3- You may need a slightly damper mix to get a perfect outline


PLEASE NOTE: Our resin moulds are hand poured and occasionaly may have slight imperfections from "popping" air bubbles". Please be assured that this does not in any way effect your mould. It just makes it unique to you.

Rose 2.25"

Out of Stock
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