We've teamed up with the talented crew at The Crystal Garden and created a range of stunning Reiki infused crystal bath bombs. Fragranced with pure essential oils, our semi precious crystals and stones sit atop a large 3” relaxing bath-bomb topped with bubble bath fondant.


What makes your Reiki infused crystal so special is that it’s JAM PACKED with energy! Your crystal was formed as a result of high pressure, heat and often-extreme conditions so it is already crammed full of energy. The Reiki intention upon the stones increases its power even more; as a result you have a stronger and more powerful stone to aid you as you need it to.

Size: 3”

Weight:  Varies


The following options are available:

Rose quartz the stone of the heart it promotes love and self love- lavender and rose geranium Essential Oils (EO)

Carnelian- bergamot and May Chang

Amethyst - sandalwood EO for calming

Serpentine - orange and patchouli EO

Lapis Lazuli- Bergamot EO

Clear Quartz - Peppermint and Sweet orange EO

Large Reiki Infused Essential Oil Crystal Bathbombs