Looking for soft, silky hair without adding to the shocking environmental plastic disaster? Try our brand new solid conditioner bars made with luxurious ingredients 

WHAT ARE THEY? - Well, take a really fantastic hair conditioner; toss the bottle; toss the water, and what you’re left with are these salon-quality, silky-smooth, solid little bars of eco-friendly, travel-friendly magic. 

WHAT DO THEY DO? - They hydrate, moisturise, detangle, reduce static and smooth fly-aways. They repair, protect, reduce frizz and add glorious shine to your locks.

WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE - Bottles or excess packaging. Water. By eliminating most of the packaging, they’re so much better for the planet.

WHAT THEY DO HAVE - All of the deluxe, gentle, high-end ingredients found in the best conditioners on the market. 

WHO NEEDS ONE? - They’re perfect for every hair type or condition, including colour treated and/or heavily processed, dry, damaged and frizzy. And yes, they’re gentle enough for children. So, if any of these apply to you…you need one. 

HOW DO THEY WORK? - To use a solid conditioner bar, you simply start by running it under the water for a few seconds to warm and slightly soften. Massage the bar gently through your wet hair, being careful not to add too much. They’re highly concentrated and you’ll be surprised by how little you need when using a solid conditioner. If the bar begins to feel like it’s dragging at your hair, hold it under the water again for a few more seconds. Repeat this step as necessary. When your hair feels slightly slippery to touch, gently massage with the tips of your fingers or comb through to ensure that each strand is well coated. Rinse, style and celebrate your silky, shiny, smooth and bouncy hair!